Taylor vs Treadmill

      In a stunt that can only be described as pure marketing genius, Apple Music requested that the pop star keep running on a treadmill while rapping to Drake's "Jumpman,"

        just to get so distracted by the music that she trips and goes flying. Taylor Swift had Twitter in a frenzy, but also boosting the sales of the song buy over 100%. 

Meek Mill vs Drake

It all started with a tweet, as many rap beefs go nowadays: "Stop comparing Drake to me too... He don't write his own raps!"

Mill took to Twitter to get out Drake for not composing his own particular raps, guaranteeing Drake didn't advance Meek Mill's collection,

Dreams Worth More Than Money, since he and his group discovered that Drake utilized a ghostwriter.

During his 2-hour Beats 1 OVO Sound radio show on Saturday, July 25, Drake unleashed a melody professedly went for Meek Mill titled "Charged Up."

"N-----s snitching on us without no interrogation. I stay silent we at war and Im very patient. 6 God is watching," he raps. "Done doing favors for people it ain't like I need the money I make off a feature/ I see you n-----s having trouble going gold,

turning into some so and sos that no one knows," he raps, perhaps referencing the Dreams Worth More Than Money collaboration in question, "R.I.C.O." - Billboard (Erica Ramirez).

Odell Beckham Jr. vs Josh Norman

Carolina's Josh Norman is one of the NFL's best cornerbacks no one's talking about, at least until the matchup with the Giants' Odell Beckham Jr., who is already considered a top-five wide receiver. It was Norman who got the best of Beckham,

frustrating him early and often -- and to the point that Beckham lost his mind. So much so that not only should the second-year wideout have been ejected on Sunday, he should probably also be suspended.

Josh Noman took to Twitter saying ""F--- him. He's a B***! Screw him and his whole set up".

Kanye West vs Everyone??

Kanye West is one of today's most recognized Hip-Hop artist. Over the past couple of years Kanye has had some of the most jaw dropping moments throughout the media. From interrupting Taylor Swift on stage,

yelling at Sway on live radio, and even going on Twitter rants for hours at a time. Kanye has been very unapologetic, and even validating his actions by comparing himself to a God. Above is a video of some of Kanye's rants over his career.